8 simple ukulele songs ideal for beginners

Simple ukulele songs

Learning to play a new musical instrument is one of the most exciting things you can do, and it opens up a new world for you to express yourself through music. One of the most fashionable musical instruments of late is the ukulele.

Is the ukulele easy to play?

The ukulele is not only affordable and easy to carry around, but it’s also player-friendly. This lovely little instrument is perfect for those who want to quickly learn to play and to produce complex sounds.

Playing songs with your new four-string companion, the ukulele, is one of the most enjoyable activities you can partake in after making the investment. You can adapt nearly any song to be played on the ukulele. With its wide range of musical styles, you can learn your favorite tunes to jam with other musicians or simply unwind in the comfort of your own room.

This amazing instrument requires practice, but there are plenty of easy songs to start with that are not too challenging. Most of these songs use just 4 chords, typically F, C, G, and A minor, so mastering these chords will allow you to play a variety of tunes. However, some songs may also include D, D minor, and G7. Grab your ukulele and dive into this variety of simple songs that you can learn in an instant!

Ukulele chords chart

These are various ukulele chords – can you learn it all?

A list of 8 easy ukulele songs:

“Sweet Home Alabama”: Lynyrd Skynyrd

Sweet Home Alabama is a widely beloved ukulele song that is considered a classic. It’s easy to learn because it only requires three chords. The first chord is D, while the third and final one is G. To play the G chord, press down on the second fret of the second and fourth strings, and on the third fret of the third string. If you’re familiar with guitars, you’ll notice that it’s the same as the D chord on a guitar.

Once you become comfortable with these three chords, playing and mastering the songs becomes quite easy. Simply follow this pattern: play two D chords, two C chords, and four G chords. Repeat this pattern for the verse and chorus, and you’ll have your first song ready to go.

James Ford Murphy, Kuana Torres Kahele, and Napua Greig-Nakasone: “Lava”

The song “Lava” is a romantic tune with a Hawaiian influence that tells the story of a volcano. It was showcased in a Pixar animated short film with the same title. The chords capture the essence of the islands, and you only need C, G7, and F to bring that vibe to life.

Creedence Clearwater Revival: “Bad Moon Rising”

Creedence Clearwater Revival, fronted by John Fogerty, achieved success with the 1969 hit “Bad Moon Rising,” a song that has appeared in numerous movies and TV shows over the years. This ukulele version requires only three chords (F, C, and G7) and features two lively strumming patterns.

Stand By Me: Ben E. King 

This romantic pop ballad is perfectly suited for playing on the ukulele due to its tranquil nature. The entire song can be played using just four chords: C, Am, F, G. All chords require a bit of finger flexibility, but they are manageable.

Can’t help falling in love: Elvis Presley

Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley is another timeless classic. While the original version of this song did not feature a ukulele, the group Twenty One Pilots delivered an excellent cover that transports us to Hawaii with its ukulele melody.

Thanks to this cover, the song became popular in ukulele version, and you can easily find its chords on the internet. The group’s singer uses a concert ukulele to play it, but it will sound just as good playing it on a soprano.

“Someone like You”: Adele

Someone Like You uses four chords instead of the usual three, but the pattern repeats smoothly throughout the song. You start with four C’s, then four G’s, four A minor’s, and finally, you end with four F’s. This pattern is repeated for the verse, bridge, and chorus. After mastering the pattern, you can experiment with other strumming patterns to find the one that suits you best.

“Let It Be”: the Beatles

Using C, G, F and A minor, you should be able to get this beautiful Beatles classic. Although the pattern is a little more complicated than other songs. For the verse, you will play the following chords twice: C, C, G, A minor, A minor, F, F, C, C, G, F, C. And for the chorus, you’ll change it a little bit to A minor, A minor, G, G, F, F, C, C, G, F, C, C.

“Hallelujah”: Leonard Cohen

You won’t need any caps for Cohen’s version. Jeff Buckley’s requires one on the first fret. And there is no way to make a list without this one. It is very popular and simpler than you might imagine. To play the verse, you will press: C, A minor, C, A minor, F, G, C. On the other hand, for the verse you will hit: F, A minor, F, A minor, C, G, C. 

How to practice simple ukulele songs? Repeat it over and over with Camtronome app

Learning a song on the ukulele requires you to work on one aspect at a time. Breaking down the song by vocals, strums, and chords will help you a lot. Once you take it all apart, it will become one simple piece. Practicing chords repeatedly helps keep things running on autopilot, so make sure you take your time repeating the movements. Are you more into guitars? Then learn 10 great and simple songs for beginner guitarists

For the smoothest playing experience, practice with a metronome – a tool that will assist you in maintaining a steady tempo.

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