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Explore Camtronome – Loops

One of the Camtronome’s most advanced features is an audio track with a metronome. These tracks are played independently so that you can adjust the volume and balance of both the metronome and the audio at will. Metronomes of this type can be saved in any playlist and run like the others discussed in the previous article of Explore Camtronome.

Improvise to music with metronome

Loops are a collection of downloadable, looped audio tracks combined with time-aligned metronome. This backing track adds significant variety to your exercises and musical development. This is by far the most inspiring mode of Camtronome!

Rock, metal, blues…

Camtronome’s library of available Loops includes backing tracks in a variety of musical styles, at different tempos.

Preview every Loop before downloading

If you have an active subscription to Camtronome Premium Basic or Camtronome Premium Pro, all loops are available free of charge. Other users can use the pool of free Loops or purchase the track of their choice (you can listen to a sample of each Loop before downloading). In some cases (e.g. having Camtronome Premium Ultimate or remaining Premium Time) there is a discount on some items.

Playlist item

Each Loop you download must be saved to a specific playlist. It’s up to you whether you create a separate list with Loops alone or mix them with metronomes of other types.

Download Loops to your playlists

When you download a Loop and save it to a playlist, Camtronome will suggest opening the playlist of your choice to start practicing! Playlists are the only place you can play Loops from. As mentioned earlier, for each Loop you can set the volume and balance of the metronome and audio track.

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