8 tips on how to become a professional musician

Producing music on laptop

In this article, we will give you advice on how to be a professional musician. 

Establishing a career in music and earning a livelihood requires consistent and deliberate effort. The guidance provided below is valuable to ensure a productive and secure day. Keep reading!

Realizing a music career is a lofty aspiration that only a select few can achieve. To attain this objective, it’s crucial to prepare yourself thoroughly and approach this challenge with great determination, to avoid abandoning your ambitions like many others before you. Keep in mind that purchasing an instrument or mastering some chords probably won’t be sufficient to accomplish your goals.

Learn and master music theory

A lot of aspiring musicians tend to overlook this aspect, primarily because they believe that some artists achieved legendary status without fully mastering music theory. This thought may not be so logical, in fact, the most reasonable thing would be the opposite, thinking of music theory as the way to equal a musical genius. Therefore, look at music theory as the foundation that will help you develop various musical skills, such as:

  • composing;
  • producing;
  • playing in bands with a varied repertoire;

In addition, acquiring knowledge in music theory involves understanding the language of music and its path. This knowledge will enable you to analyze your musical abilities better and make significant improvements in your skills.

Music theory

High-quality equipment is a must!

Investing in high-quality musical equipment is crucial for a musician as it is the medium through which their musical expression is conveyed to the world. Consider it as an investment worth making. Although musical equipment can be expensive, it’s important to have patience and work hard to get what you need. You don’t have to go for rare custom shop instruments or limited series. Instead, focus on the quality of the instrument rather than the exclusivity or price.

analog synthesizer - music gear

Don’t be afraid of music production

In today’s music industry, it’s becoming increasingly important for musicians to also possess some music production skills. This doesn’t necessarily mean mastering complex technical topics in sound engineering. But having the ability to open a DAW and produce a demo, for instance, can be incredibly helpful.

Moreover, homemade music production has become a popular trend in the 21st-century music scene, as evidenced by the success of artists such as e.g Billie Eilish. Therefore, being able to record high-quality sound at home is an important skill for aspiring professionals to have. This is especially true because digital audio technologies have made music production more accessible than ever before.

Hence, if you’re striving to be a professional musician, mastering musical scales, arpeggios, and harmony may not be enough. It’s also crucial to add sound pickup, acoustics, and mixing techniques to your skill set.

Producing music on laptop

Music business – try to learn it!

The music industry has undergone a significant transformation with the rise of streaming platforms and the decline of multinational record companies’ monopolies. As a result, today’s musicians must possess greater independence in planning their careers. The days of relying solely on talent and securing a record deal for success are over. The music business has become more complex, requiring artists to be knowledgeable in self-promotion and career management.

Therefore, it’s essential not to overlook the significance of music business education. Fortunately, many free resources and courses are available on the internet, making it easier than ever to acquire the necessary skills for success. Ultimately, investing in music business education is a wise decision that can pay off in the long run.

Music concert

Music concert

Have a digital presence

Having the knowledge and skills to promote yourself effectively on social media is crucial for pursuing a career as a professional musician.

Moreover, building a strong presence on social networks can not only attract more audiences to your performances but can also bring in more students to your courses and workshops.

Routine – practice your skills regularly

It’s important to note that even successful musicians need to have a consistent routine of training and studying their instruments. The beauty of music is that there is always room for improvement and learning new things. However, with the rise of the internet, competition in the music industry has increased. That’s why it’s crucial to invest in a solid study routine to stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and knowledge. This can help you stand out in a crowded market and gain a following on platforms like YouTube. If you’re a beginner guitar owner, you can start learning 10 easy-to-play songs for beginner guitarists

Metronome practice – is playing with a ‘click’ worth it?

Use a metronome when practicing music, especially while recording a song or an EP. With a metronome app, like Camtronome, you’ll make sure to keep track of the tempos. It’s worth noting that slower tempos can sometimes be more difficult to play. However, playing to a metronome during a live performance or studio recording is a whole different experience, thus, it’s crucial to have a regular metronome practice routine. 

download camtronome banner

download camtronome banner

Don’t quit your job just yet

That’s right, having a stable job or source of income can make your training viable and help you prepare the ground for a career as a professional musician. After all, you’ll need money to buy your equipment and pay for your classes. Plus, it’s always good to have an extra warranty. Because until you manage to pay for all the bills with money from recordings and concerts, there may be a long way to go.

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