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Practicing technique on a musical instrument is usually not one of the most enjoyable activities. Repeating the same actions over and over again, at a certain tempo, for a long time is definitely one of the biggest challenges that musicians face. In addition – the effects of this tedious work are usually visible after a long time, which can further discourage regular practice.

Achievements - Achievement list

In Camtronome, together with Practice Charts, the Achievements and Rewards feature was created to make this tedious phase at least a little more enjoyable and increase motivation to exercise. Each metronome you run – Simple, Practice Mode, or from the Playlist counts your overall workout time. The list of available Achievements determines how much time is needed to earn a particular badge. Some items reward regularity and require that exercises be performed consecutively for several days in a row.

Achievements - Achievement achieved

The achievement awards so-called Camtronome Points, which are points that can be exchanged for various rewards. Looking through their list, you will notice that there are different variants of the free Camtronome Premium. In practice, this means that by practicing with Camtronome – you can get a temporary paid subscription for free! You can also download paid Loops for Camtronome Points! Thanks to the fact that each achievement can be earned multiple times, it is possible to earn more and more Camtronome Points to exchange them for better and better rewards.

Achievements - Rewards

The Achievements and Rewards feature can therefore motivate musicians to work on their playing technique. An award can be given for as little as a few minutes of practice session!

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