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Explore Camtronome – Simple Metronome

Simple Metronome is the most basic and 100% free metronome mode in Camtronome.

Simple Metronome UIIts purpose is to bring the most vital features such as tap tempo / BPM, beat and time signature selection using clear and intuitive UI, without a need of any additional taps. Just start Camtronome and start your practice!

Easy time signature configuration

Time signature selection includes pretty much any metronome beeps per bar configurations possible:Time Signature selectionYou can also select any of many predefined popular rhythms by using included Rhythm Library:Rhythm Library

Camtronome’s signature feature – record your practice sessions

Every metronome in Camtronome has a video recording option. Thus, you can easily record your practice sessions using an embedded video recorder. Thanks to this feature, you won’t miss any imperfections of your playing. Also, you’re more than welcome to share your recordings and show off your hard-earned skills!

Recording using Simple Metronome

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