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Camtronome – an ideal metronome

Perkusista grający na świeżym powietrzu
Perkusista i metronom
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Looking for an ideal metronome?

Each and every one of us – musicians –  had at least “an affair” with a very tricky tool. Hated by many and loved at the same time – a metronome – is ruthless. It can revolutionize your musical world, twisting some old habits upside down and bring new hope to your technique. Nevertheless, if you like it or not – it is a necessary evil that does a lot of good, but first of all – you need to work with it. The basic function of the metronome is to give you a requested tempo with audible and/or visual information. Simple as that.

And the Camtronome can not be more simple, yet powerful with its “deep-dive” features which we will discover in further articles.

What is there to hate about a metronome? This poor dear was made to mark BPM’s and yet – some people just claim that it’s killing their natural “feel” of playing.

Yet, once again folks: let’s focus on its basic function, which is to strike the tempo, no matter in which way. I refer mostly to the drummer community this time. The specific “timing” of a musician doesn’t depend only on the metronome – it is all about his (or her) habits. A metronome itself is not a composing tool – it is used to restrain your training within a rhythm frame and helps to mark the time division.

Drum machine vs. Camtronome – 1:1

It is not the 80’s anymore, where drum machines took over the music industry with synthetic drum sounds. Sometimes you could just put a simple beat that would carry on through all the song without noticing that the drummer just took a break and left the scene. A metronome is not a drum machine, but it can become one. Depending on its versatility and onboard functions – but most importantly it doesn’t ask you to become one. It is yet required to practice, above all. If you want to program your own, composed rhythms with various samples – Camtronome can deliver it! Try the soundbank library included and be amused by what you can do with a simple metronome. Personally, I love to fiddle with the division during the play. It keeps both hands occupied, but you can play some out-of-math beats!

Quantized rhythms may sound dull and less entertaining as these that “swing” a little.

One of the famous Picasso quotes says: “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist”.

Nobody is born with a full set of skills to become neither pro nor artist. They become ones eventually, and Camtronome is there to help you to achieve that. What you need is probably what you already have in front of your eyes – a smartphone with iOS or Android operating system.

OK. When does the click “click”? 

These portable devices replaced recently most of the external devices made especially for one purpose. Smartphones are extremely versatile – and the list of their applications became almost endless. They serve to entertain us, access the web, call (eventually), make photos and movies, and so on. Yet many musicians are still using very classical, mechanical metronomes…

But why?

You can download nowadays an app that may serve the very same purpose and occupies very little space in your phone’s memory. So why bother with buying a hardware metronome? (Apart from this classy – wooden look?)

Analogue wood metronome

It’s all in the code!

OK, for starters – some other metronome apps just cheat. Let’s make a test.

To prove it, you need two things: an external, hardware (electrical!) metronome and your smartphone with several different apps. Remember to use an eternal power supply with your hardware, because battery-operated metronome occasionally show symptoms of “battery drain” and they dim a bit and ery rarely, they slow down with a sort of distorted voice – then you know that the battery needs a refill. Using a wall plug dedicated to the machine will save your scientific expertise another error factor.

Ready? Go.

Now start both a metronome app and hardware metronome simultaneously.

We performed this test for many apps and, honestly folks – Camtronome works just as steady as it should be.

The secret recipe for its flawless work is in the code – the app has been designed for perfect work in any condition on any phone not older than 5 years.

What is the outcome? Some musicians might hear that they are not quite at the tempo”. Personally, I have had to perform a test like this to prove to a guitarist that the metronome app that I was using many years ago as a backup for my Tama Rhythm Watch was actually… Off the tempo, like about 4 BPM, varying on my battery condition.

That was one of many reasons why this app has come to life. Stability and versatility for all musicians.

So far the app can prove almost 100% stable sessions – which is unlikely within other developers. Our code base is solid and is an effect of long-time research. Most other apps are using the same, buggy algorithm that we tried to get rid of since the very beginning. If you want proof – make the test yourself and share your experience with us.

Nevertheless, if your smartphone or tablet belongs to the older generation or you have a brand new device straight from the factory – Camtronome will use maximum efficiency during its sessions.

It is the most stable metronome on the market because we also use it on stage and during our own recording sessions. Now we can share the fruit with the whole musical family!

Murphy’s law struggle

“If something can go wrong, be sure that it will”.

Musicians try to minimize the risk described with this famous quote to an absolute minimum. Camtronome is an app, and an app run on smartphones. Phones can get laggy – but fear not, o’ player!

The tool is as good as its operator. (or Danny Carey 🙂

We developed a stable foundation for both your practice and performance on stage. Are you afraid that your battery runs flat? Or that if your phone would just go blank, as Joseph Murphy’s law describes? Once again, don’t be afraid to use Camtronome – that’s why we introduced Camtronome Cloud. This system helps you to store your settings and progress in a cloud, and you can use your settings on any different device The only thing you need to remember is to store it first (upload to Camtronome Cloud) and you will be ready to go.

The same rule applies to switching to other devices – for example, a new phone. What you have to do is to download Camtronome, log into your Cloud account, and all your settings and progress records will be back with you.
Convenient? Absolutely.

“Did you record this?” 

Camtronome is a metronome with a built-in recording feature. That means that you can record both video and audio (choose which first) and its quality will depend on your phone specification. Because of that Camtronome will always use the freshest, dedicated parameters that your smartphone or tablet use. You can also record external sound via breakout cables – the same that your device manufacturer recommends or supplies with buy.

New features include the “sound boost” option that will help to compress the sound and squeeze the juice out of your phone. Android users will appreciate it a lot!

The technology changes all the time, but this app is always adapting to your phone’s best settings.
If you want to improve the quality of sound you can choose this option within settings. Check the Camtronome manual for further reference.
Remember – if you have any questions – you can always write a mail to support and we will be happy to deliver solutions for you. Don’t be afraid to ask – we don’t bite! 🙂

Free Camtronome

Full access to all features is available even if you don’t buy the premium access or practice hours. We believe it’s fair.

The only difference is a small tab with an ad, but it doesn’t interfere with your play. The only reason we still need to keep it is the high cost of servers and development via Google Play and Apple Store. We are not a huge corporation – on the contrary – we are music lovers and musicians. So we developed the app for ourselves in the first place.

Now it was finally the time to share it with the world. If you like it, get premium access, because we will develop the app in the future even further!.

New features are on their way, and we probably would never say that “what has been done is enough”.

Camtronome is about to become the most versatile tool for every musician. EVERY musician.

If you are not sure if you like Camtronome or not – please – test it. Access to a full version that doesn’t flash ads is more or less equal to a set of new strings or drumsticks. And is about ten times cheaper than a hardware metronome! Not speaking about a camera that can record your performances – you know how costly these gadgets can become.
Camtronome is affordable and most importantly – you will always have it with you, forever.

Observe your progress

New updates help you to keep track of your practice in the manner of training trackers. It stores your favorite tempos and the time you spend using them.
You would be surprised how much you play if you use Camtronome on daily basis. 15 minutes of practice a day gives almost 8 hours a month! Even if it was just a daily warm-up exercise, you will feel the difference soon!

If you like our app – please share your experience with us. We are happy to answer your question and we love that people enjoy using this app!

We are open to suggestions – feel free to write a mail or contact us via social media – Camtronome Facebook and Instagram page.

We will be also happy to post your materials and share some of your songs!

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