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Explore Camtronome is coming!

Camtronome has plenty of cool, useful features that boost your musical development. In the upcoming weeks, we’ll explore all basic and advanced Camtronome features to show how much the app can do.

Explore Camtronome summary

Through the next few weeks, we’ll explore in brief detail the following great Camtronome features:

  • Simple metronome – the most basic and 100% free-of-charge metronome mode. It offers diverse simple features and clean UI for everyone willing to start their practice quickly.
  • Practice mode – metronome mode designed to speed up and enhance your practice sessions by modifying the metronome automatically while practicing. Using practice mode, you can change the tempo, and the metronome beat, or choose to silence the metronome over time. Also, you can combine these settings as you wish.
  • Playlists – one of the best Camtronome’s unique features designed especially for professional musicians, such as drummers performing live, as well as for rehearsals or studio recordings. It’s a configurable set of metronomes that can change over time, has an audio prompter, and can be controlled wirelessly. It’s a must-have feature for every drummer performing live!
  • Audio tracks support – besides metronomes, you can use Audio Tracks in any Camtronome Playlist! Do you want to play along with your favorite song? Or maybe you play with backing tracks with your band? Add it to a Playlist, and play with it, just like with a regular metronome!
  • Audio prompter – configure your Playlist’s metronomes to remind you about the upcoming verse, chorus, or guitar solo. Thus, you’ll never miss any part. Play with more confidence live!
  • Practice charts – track when and what you practiced. This feature is a set of legible charts, showing when any metronome was running. The statistics are divided between years, months, days, or hours and specific tempo ranges being played by any metronome.
  • Achievements – we all know that it’s very difficult for most musicians to start a boring practice session. With Camtronome Achievements, you are rewarded if practicing regularly.
  • Camtronome Cloud – all your Playlists, Achievements, and Practice Charts can be backed up in a Cloud so that you can access them from any device!
  • Recording – while playing with any metronome mode in Camtronome, you can record yourself simultaneously! This is an incredibly useful tool to work out all potential imperfections in your playing, as well as to create unforgettable memories of your great live performances!

All these great features make Camtronome the most feature-rich and unique metronome app available! Download Camtronome today and join thousands of satisfied musicians from all over the world!

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