Camtronome 6.0 has been released!

Camtronome application logo

Camtronome 6.0 is yet another major update that has already been distributed to both Android and iOS devices.

Improved Camtronome for iOS – refreshed user interface, better responsiveness, and more!

Screenshot of Playlists tab on iOSAs some of Camtronome’s unique features, for purely technical reasons, have been available only on Android devices so far, this update is mainly focused on bringing these features to iOS. The goal was to make Camtronome equivalent on both platforms. Thanks to iOS evolution through recent years, technical limitations from the past are now gone and therefore – Camtronome 6.0 has reached that goal.

The very first noticeable novelty on both platforms is a slightly refreshed user interface. Many areas have their visual appearance refined to improve legibility and usability. Additionally, on iOS, the size of many UI elements has been resized to match the natural iOS experience. Moreover, smooth animations on all Camtronome tabs were added, and look beautiful and make the app even more responsive.

We have also added a lot of small improvements and minor new features across the whole app. Starting from duplicating the whole playlists or metronomes, adding the possibility to rearrange sequences within the metronome, through an advanced amplifier protection feature that prevents unpleasant sound effects while playing e.g. background tracks using an external amplifier.

Background work and app convenient app control from the notification panel