Camtronome Terms of Use

  1. Camtronome is an advanced mobile metronome created by passionate drummer and software engineer afterhours, as author's hobby.
  2. Camtronome author guarantees that application has been heavily tested under following conditions:
    1. Long practices / rehearsal - over 4 hours of being launched with no break and with camera enabled
    2. Live shows with recording enabled
    3. Live shows with recording enabled using external microphone connected through device's jack port
    4. Live shows with Bluetooth remote controller used for Camtronome remote control
    5. Synchronized metronome ticking (fixed tempo and beat) along with Roland FA-06 for 1 hour to prove timing accuracy
  3. Even though Camtronome has been carefully tested and developed with highest compatibility in mind, it cannot be guaranteed that it will run on all devices configurations and models.
  4. Camtronome is distributed to users through Google Play and App Store free of charge.
  5. Free download from above mentioned stores of Camtronome allow users to use all of its features with ads being displayed after some time of usage.
  6. Camtronome users has limited time (initially 15 minutes) of application's usage with no ads being displayed and with all application's features available. This time is referred as ad-free time in application.
  7. Ad-free time can be topped up or stopped in following ways:
    1. Watching short, fullscreen video ads (lasting about 30 seconds each) - adds 1 minute
    2. Purchasing ad-free time (for Android users) - adds 10, 30, 100 or 9999 hours
    3. Purchasing monthly subscription (for iOS users) - stops couting ad-free time down as long as subscription is active.
  8. All Camtronome users agrees and understands that ad-free time topping-up or stopping options can be changed in any way, at any time. No user can complain about changes that might occur in the future.
  9. By using this software, you also agree to Camtronome Privacy Policy
  10. This software is provided "as is" and you use it at your own risk. In no event shall the Author of this software be liable for any direct or indirect damages, loss of data or profits arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of this software.