Camtronome is an advanced metronome with recording feature, designed to perform live and practice.

Create either simple or complex metronomes, which can change over time if you play more complex music.

Organise your metronomes in playlists and make Camtronome remember the song order for you.

Then record your performance. Everything using one device.


Your on-stage audio prompter

You will never lose verse, guitar solo or chorus

You can set up markers on any metronome you create. Each marker can be read when reached by your device's speech synthesis. Create a marker when verse is to begin and you will always have it read when metronome reaches this bar.


Complex metronomes when needed

Tempo or time signature changing in your song? No problem

Each metronome can have multiple parts. You can make your metronome start in e.g. eight notes in 100 BPM, then change to 185 BPM quarter notes. Time signature and metronome accents can also change when needed. You decide when, how and for how long each metronome has to play.


It's all within reach, everything you've ever needed on a stage

Explore main Camtronome features

Create metronome

Create and play metronome with tempo or time signature changing over time. Play any music without need of big laptop PC

Organise metronomes in playlist

Create live show setlist and make app remember the song order for you.

Automatic switching

You do not have to tap anything else but play on stage - Camtronome will set you up for every song automatically


Easily navigate there if song fragment practice is needed

Speech synthesis

Use it to read markers. You will never forget where the chorus or verse is

Record performances

Record performances during metronome ticking. Track your progress of playing music on rehearsals, practice or live shows and share your greatest performances