Camtronome Privacy Policy

  1. Camtronome does not store, process, send or share ANY data you have created using this application.
  2. Camtronome does NOT analyse, store and track any actions you perform using this application.
  3. Camtronome automatically stores and sends error and crash reports to improve Camtronome quality and stability. Each report contains:
    • Camtronome technical data required to solve the issue or further improve Camtronome quality and user experience
    • Device manufacturer (such as Samsung, Apple, etc.)
    • Device model (such as Galaxy S8, iPhone Xs, etc.)
    • Device operating system version (such as Android 9.0.0, iOS 12.1.3, etc.)
  4. Each error report is sent to Camtronome developer using secure, encrypted connection.
  5. All of your recording, playlists, metronomes, metronome sequences and markers are stored internally on your device's memory.
  6. You can optionally use cloud backup feature to backup your playlists. This requires user to sign in to cloud account. Camtronome does NOT process, store or share ANY data you provide by signing in to your cloud account. Cloud sign in is used ONLY to connect to cloud and send / receive playlists backup. This feature is optional and cloud signing in is not required in order to run Camtronome.
  7. You can share recorded videos and audio only using external applications and you do this at your own risk and with full awareness. Camtronome will never try to upload, share or send any data you have created by using it to any third party.
  8. Camtronome uses both in-house advertising platform and Google Ad Mob.
    • Camtronome in-house advertising platform does NOT store or track user's actions to serve personalized ads. Instead it uses: a) device regional settings to serve ads relevant in your region (IP geolocalization is NOT used) b) auto-generated Camtronome in-house advertising client ID number for statistics purposes
    • Camtronome Advertising Platform will not serve any ads for some device-regional settings.
    • Camtronome Advertising Platform does NOT cooperate with any third-party Company and does NOT share any user's data to any party.
    • In order to protect Camtronome's user privacy, all Camtronome in-house advertising platform ads are not personalized. Each user with specific device regional settings will see the same set of ads served by Camtronome advertising platform.
    • In order to protect Camtronome's user privacy, all Google Ads served are also not personalized. This means that Camtronome does not share any personal data to Google to serve ads. For more info, please check Ad Mob's privacy policy