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More than a metronome

Camtronome is an advanced metronome with recording feature, designed for live performance, band rehearsal or personal practice to play live music with ease. It saves inventory space - just take your phone on stage or rehearsal and have great metronome and camera in one device to focus on playing music.

But this is not everything...
Camtronome also features an extended practice mode and ability to create your own metronomes where tempo, time signature or rhythm changes over time. You will organise your metronomes into playlists with ease and store them in a cloud.

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For whom?

Everyone who uses metronome will appreciate Camtronome advantages - amateurs as well as professionals, who expect much more from tools such as metronome.

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Metronome and camera in one!

You'll quickly appreciate camera presence, which will let you record a video with simultaneous metronome features usage. Watch your own playing and discover how to improve!

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Main features

Camtronome features many outstanding features appreciated both by beginners and professional musicians.

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Camtronome features video

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Create your metronomes

Just a few taps is to create any metronome, which can have tempo, time signature or beat change over time. No matter of your skill level or what music style you play you'll create the perfect metronome you need.


Your playlists

Camtronome supports creating metronomes and audio track music files playlists. Just create metronomes to your band's songs, order them in a playlist, go on stage and rock it, being perfectly prepared since the first to the last song.


Legible user interface

you'll appreciate it especially on stage

We know musicians' needs, so we've created the perfect user interface designed for quick and easy handling eg. during the live show. Key application buttons are enlarged so that you can easily handle Camtronome in every conditions.


User Reviews

Camtronome is being used by over fifty thousands happy users - join them!


Świetny program. Najlepszy jaki testowałem. A po ostatniej aktualizacji wręcz niezastąpiony. Ma wszystko co potrzeba. Wielkie dzięki dla autora. Brawo.

— Google User #

Więcej niż metronom

Przydatne narzędzie, zdecydowanie więcej możliwości niż w przypadku zwykłego metronomu :)

— Google User #


Intuicyjny, świetna funkcja programowania zmiennych rytmów i temp w jednym utworze. Polecam.

— Google User #

Very cool

So far I’ve only used this app as a loop-metronome and it’s really cool, definitely excellent for practice!

— Apple User #

Świetny program!

Świetny program przy odrobinie zaangażowania można się fajnie pobawić i bardzo pomaga w graniu😁

— Użytkownik Google #


Very funcional and helpful application. Great!

— Użytkownik Google #

Awesome metronome!

The most accurate metronome I’ve ever used! Great advanced features, I recomend this app to everyone who needs professional metronome on stage :)

— Użytkownik Apple #

The only one app-metronome which I use

Great, precise and loud smartphone metronome. Easy to use and customize, easy to program, easy to store programmed sequences and playlists. Since I am using it I left my trafitional Tama click alone for months. And last but not least - this App has very good support and it’s improving all the time :

— Użytkownik Apple #

This is IT!

I’m really excited that I finally found that app! This is great! Every artist should get that! Cheers for the founder!

— Użytkownik Apple #

Audio prompter

Add markers to your metronomes that will prompt you in real time about current song's structure changes.

Innovative technology

Camtronome uses an innovative algorithm providing perfectly even and accurate click.

47 metronome sounds

Camtronome contains 47 built in metronome sounds to select from.


Audio tracks import

Audio files (regular mp3, wav, etc.) can be added to playlists with metronomes.

Rich practice mode

Practice your skills between your shows with rich Camtronome practice mode.

Playback speed modifier

Slow down or speed up your audio track / metronome for even more effective practicing.


Got questions? We have answers.

Is Camtronome free of charge?

Yes, Camtronome is a free application. However, please keep in mind that application requires some maintenance resources and that's why ads are displayed. It is possible to purchase ad-free time and support Camtronome development.

Where do I find Camtronome User's guide?

Full user's guide in english can be found here.

Is further development planned?

Of course. Application is constantly being improved with new features being added over time. Do you have an idea how to improve Camtronome? Please let us know using the email below.

What devices are supported?

Camtronome works on every device with Android 5.1 or newer and on every iOS device with iOS 9.3 or newer.

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